Story-telling for carbon neutral mobility

In the 1920s, urban transport was stuck in a crisis. Due to accelerating urbanisation, cities had become too tight for traditional horse-drawn carriages. The horse droppings piled up at the sideways, providing breeding ground for germs. As sewage systems had not been widely established, cities were permeated by a smell of horse dung. Furthermore, a piercing rattle induced by dozens of hooves hitting cobblestone robbed the urban citizens of their sleep.

The combustion-driven car delighted the citizens. It promised a way of mobility that was  faster, cleaner and more reliable. Citizens cheered: Finally, the age of clean transport has dawned! (See McNeill, 2001)

Today’s private cars are yesterday’s carriages

A century later, the story is repeating itself. Nowadays it is the cars that are outdated. Private vehicles stand still for about 23 hours a day, and when running, they’re robbing the air that we need for breathing.

At the same time, the desire for change is growing. All over Europe, humans shape the future of transport. Logistics enterprises cover the last mile with cargobikes, employers co-finance leasing bikes, and residential communities share electric vehicles.

It’s these stories that I tell on behalf of my clients. It’s stories of trying and succeeding, and probably one or another story of failing will be written.

Let me tell your story

The stories are the heart of my work as a PR Manager for transport companies. They develop alongside my PhD studies at the Hamburg University of Technology from a blend of freelance work and fervour for post-carbon transport. Please contact me if you want to tell me your story. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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